S.E. Florida Research and Record Retrieval

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Denise Wells has been researching for 25+ years. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, she has traced her ancestors from Indiana and Illinois to Ohio, New York, Ireland and Italy.

A lifelong resident of Indiana, Denise relocated to Boca Raton, Florida in September 2001. In August 2002, she was the motivating force in creating the first chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists for the State of Florida. Denise brought together numerous Florida genealogists and family historians for the first meeting at the Florida State Genealogical Society's 2002 conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Discussions continued and, at the 2003 FGS National Conference in Orlando, FL, the second meeting and a vote produced a By-Laws Committee, on which Denise participated. The application for a Florida Chapter of APG was granted in December 2003. After nominations and voting in January 2004, Denise was elected Vice President of the initial Florida Chapter of APG.  

Denise is dedicated to the professional Code of Ethics in the management of genealogy research, writing and education. She has enjoyed a 40-year career as a paralegal and is adept at research in courthouses, libraries and archives. Denise's enthusiasm for genealogy and history is contagious.